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Providence Chapter Three
Kazuki - My Fandom's Girly Boy is Pretti
Title: Providence
Pariring: Ban x Kazuki

Rather boring...more plot development than any action really...but oh well. It's here.

Oh the wonders of the efiction script. It makes it so much easier to archive fics... I have a headache...augh...too cold. And I think I've broken my camera...

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Hello! My name is Soku and I'm currently one of the archivists for Just One Minute: A Get Backers Yaoi Archive! And, after reading 'Touch' and 'Days of Flowers and Sunshine' I just had to come and see if you'd consider letting us host your fanfiction! Though it's currently a small archive, it's slowly growing. The archive would be honored to host your fanfiction.

Your writing is beautiful and you really have a wonderful feel for the series. The portrayal of Kazuki you have is amazing. He's written so... perfectly IC. Not to mention you have a beautiful style that makes the scenes feel amazingly canon.

Anyway, enough from me! I'm mostly here to invite you to the archive! Recently, in many fandoms, there have been questions about the archiving policies of some groups. The fanfictions Just One Minute archives are all posted with links directing any readers to where they can contact the author, are backed up on Zip and hard-drive, and are not altered in any way. Our policies are the author's policies. A fic archived with us will be removed immediately, without question, the moment an author demands it be. Just One Minute archives on a story-by-story basis. Nothing is archived without permission and no words are edited.

I hope that you'll consider letting us archive your fiction! Sorry to take up so much of your time! Thank you for reading this! Thank you for providing wonderful stories! Stories like 'Touch' and 'Days of Flowers and Sunshine' *make* the fandom what it is. Feel free to check out the archive!

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