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So many bishounen, so little time -_- So start licking! NOW!

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Providence Chapter Three
Kazuki - My Fandom's Girly Boy is Pretti
Title: Providence
Pariring: Ban x Kazuki

Rather boring...more plot development than any action really...but oh well. It's here.

Oh the wonders of the efiction script. It makes it so much easier to archive fics... I have a headache...augh...too cold. And I think I've broken my camera...

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Hi there I_chan... I've found your lj in the most weird way... i was looking for nightmare info and i bumped into your incredibly pretty layout on Gj.
I thought you looked awsome and so I went to your lj info (as I use lj much more than gj).
I must be honest... I'm not a yaoi fan (maybe because I haven't seen any :P) but i too drool over shin, he's my fav jrocker
so what do you think about adding and being added ^^?
Joana from Portugal.

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