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HP hermaphrodite Rec...and Blame It On Inui thoughts...
Miyavi - Easily Amused
I must admit to having developed a bit of a fascination with hermaphrodites, ever since I read the Wraeththu books by Storm Constantine. She just wrote about the subject so damn well that I was reading through the four books of that series when I should have been studying for my final exams. Lol.

I found some pretty bad fics going through that Mpreg archive I was looking through yesterday, but there was this Harry Potter one that was actually quite interesting and readable. Sure you have to ignore the big gaping holes in the plot a bit...but it's interesting. The fic is 'As Sharp as Sunlight' by Amanuensis. Basically the Dark Lord has won, and he takes Harry and Sirius and turns them into these hermaphrodites so they can be used as breeding cows to enhances his dark army or something. I know that sounds like a pretty flaky plot, but as I mentioned before, if you're willing to ignore some stuff about the fic, then it's actually a pretty good read. Pairings are Snape x Sirius, Lucious x Harry.

Now...I know that Prince of Tennis is a relatively new fandom when compared to others...but I'd have thought that there'd be an Mpreg fic for the series out there by now. I mean come on! PoT has INUI. Inui is like...god's gift to anyone that wants to make an idiotic plot semi-plausible. Inui is the Watari of Prince of Tennis. The mad scientist of the series and goddamit, almost anything can be blamed on Inui and his experiments!

When I think about it, his juice is such a good plot device...

If a crazy fic author wanted it to, it could make Tezuka pregnant. It could turn Mizuki into a manly hunk of man meat rippling all over with muscles. *snicker* yeah right... We all know that Mizuki is a flaming woman. And if a crazy fic author wanted to make it official and give him the right equipment? All she'd have to do is have him spy around in Inui's lab, looking for 'Seigaku's Super Secret To Success Serum'. He's attracted by the bright purple liquid in one test tube, drinks it all down. Turns out it's a sex formula concoction. Miss Mizuki flounces around Tokyo, finally able to freely indulge in his love for poufy clothes and blinding colors (not that being a teenage boy ever stopped him before), and he catches Fuji and Yuuta's eyes, setting off a brotherly competition between the two for Miss Mizuki's affections.

*adores Mizuki and his sparkly gheiness*

You've got to love Inui too. I have entirely too much time in my hands, and I started thinking about him when I was wondering why there were no PoT Mpreg fics out there. Though I don't think I really want to see one...

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tezuka's pregnant?!?!

oh my, i think i like the idea.. btw, who's gonna be his 'hubby'?? do you think he needs one?? well, fuji can be a good caring hubby, don't ya think?? oh it must be hillarious on imagining how terrible the situation is for the seigaku team when tezuka's experiencing extreme sudden mood swings, and how hectic it is during the maternity process with everybody panicking over tezuka's loud growls on the contractions and the push and the birth of his baby and then everybody's happy cuz they've become uncles for the newborn baby. oh, i wanna read it!! xD

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