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Kazuki - My Fandom's Girly Boy is Pretti


Don't Lick the Eyecandy

So many bishounen, so little time -_- So start licking! NOW!

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Pregnant Legolas and Kirito trying to Kill Jun download...
Kazuki - My Fandom's Girly Boy is Pretti
I've stumbled upon the motherload of male pregnancy fics, my friends. Why must Legolas always be the pregnant one? Why not Aragorn? Or Gimli. (Why should Legolas' trim figure be ruined by the god awful thing that is pregnancy? Gimli already looks and waddles around like he's pregnant. And a pregnant male dwarf would be funnier than a pregnant elf IMO. I don't usually go for these sort of fics... but I'm bored.

In a moment I'll be poking through the Harry Potter section. Pregnant Hagrid anyone? Is Dumbledore too old to be carrying, I wonder?

Kirito, Jun and a Cliff - Ahh...the dangers of being in Pierrot. You have to be careful: Kirito might try to kill you at any moment. This is why you shouldn't follow the guy when he tries to lead you to a cliff. He will try to push you off. Jun stupidly following their esteemed leader, Jun making unhappy little sounds as he faces death at the hands of their singer, Takeo talking and then Kirito bouncing around gheily as he tries to prove that no, he didn't just claim to be gay at that interview for the heck of it, but really is. I have to find that clip where Kirito's got that knife... I burned it into a CD already, I think...

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hehe, I was never really into those preg fics *shudders*
Thanks for posting that clip! It was so cute ^.^

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