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Kazuki - My Fandom's Girly Boy is Pretti


Don't Lick the Eyecandy

So many bishounen, so little time -_- So start licking! NOW!

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Back home finally.
Miyavi - It's all About Me
I've come to the conclusion that airplanes hate my family. We always get delayed. This time it was for one and a half hours in Minneapolis. The plain ride was absolute hell, not because I get nauseous at the slightest movement, but because for some reason, my mom got me a seat right next to my brother and we spent a good thirty minutes jabbing at each others ribs trying to get control of the armrest. Immature? Yes, I know. But this is what happens when you have a brother that's so damn close to your age.

Disneyland was all right. I'm sure it would have been better if I'd had the stomach to try some of the better rides... but since I'm ridiculously squeamish, I couldn't bring myself to go on anything more hard core than the Splash mountain ride and the teacups. -_-. Thankfully my cousin is just like me, and we went on the wimpy Alice in Wonderland thing where you ride on caterpillars instead of the big roller coaster on that mountain. I got a picture of me on Splash mountain and I would put it up here if I didn't look so amazingly weird in it...my face is all distorted from horror. Lol. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride sucked. Not one glimpse of Johnny Depp or Orlando. The Indiana Jones ride was my favorite. I've gone deaf in one ear from my Ate's screaming.

Las Vegas is absolutely, absolutely beautiful. I loved the place! I wish I lived there instead of here. It was so fun in the casinos! Of course, I couldn't do any gambling, but you could just walk around and look at the shows in the Casinos, at all of the incredibly overpriced shops. My favorite one had to be Ceasar's Palace, it was so beautiful there! All those great fountains, and they had this gigantic fish tank and this show with talking robots about Atlantis or something.

I'll try to find pics where I look halfway decent and post them in a later protected entry I guess. I had so much fun! It was so great to see my cousins again. I always wish I had sisters whenever I visit them.

On a completely unrelated note here... as soon as the DVD of RotK comes out, I will rush out and buy it, just so that I can count all of the times Aragorn laid his rugged, manly hands on ♥Legolas'♥ delicate little shoulder.

Oh ♥Legolas!♥ He looked so damn cool on that elephant bit... I'd bet he'd look even better on Aragorn...

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Oh ♥Legolas!♥ He looked so damn cool on that elephant bit... I'd bet he'd look even better on Aragorn...
Finally someone who agrees with me!

found your journal by chance and noticed that line, you rock.

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