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ROFL...Social awareness, who needs it? Especially when you look so good in leather and makeup...
Miyavi - F**ck You
This probably isn't real, but hell, It got a laugh out of me... If it is...then god I love this Kisaki guy...

"I want to congratulate the USA and their President Arnold Schwarzenegger for capturing Saddam. He won't be back!! Hah hah.. it's American joke... Do you get my joking?" -
Kisaki (Undercode Music Boss / Yakuza puppet)


All right...due to my extremely shallow nature, I found that extremely funny... Yes...*snicker* ^-^ You have to wonder how long it took for this guy to think that gem up.

"I have followed this war and, in fact, the whole political situation in the Middle East from the beginning and I am glad to see that this terrible dictator has finally been apprehended. Finally... freedom to the people of Pakistan!! Presidant Clinton... withdraw the troops!!" - Die (Dir en grey)

Pakistan? Wasn't it Iraq? I see all those features on CNN that says 'War on Iraq', so I think that should be it...

"Can somebody PLEASE tell me who this Hussein guy is??" - Sakito (ex.Due le quartz)

"Don't you read the papers. He's the guy they captured. Like.. duh!" - Sanaka (vocals / Fatima)

"The world is free! It`s the end of terrorism! Now we can all relax! No more wars ever! I`m so happy I could shit!" - Ruiza (guitar / D)

[ credit to Cameron, and the message board at http://groups.msn.com/GlamJapan/

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Well. I'm, glad they caught this stinking fascist dictator, who killed, fleeced and lied to his people. The same fate will befell on that other coward stragist by proxy, Bin Laden.
God bless the Free world, God blast the fascist tyrants and oppressors who treathen innocent defenseless people whit terror!
My name is Angelo Ventura aka Ashmael Aldebaran


Whatever that means, I'm a liberal who, pour example, is all in favor of legalized gay marriage; I've no sympathy for George Doubliah Bush, and much less even for dictators and terrorists of all kind.
Angelo Ventura AKA Ashmael Aldebaran.

Uh, alright...good for you? :P I just found the various j-rockers' comments amusing. :D

hello there. you seem like a cool person your lj amuses me in all its fangirlishness, and i love your icons to DEATH. death I say! Mind if I add you to the ol friends list?

those quotes are hilarious XD I went to Glam Japan but couldn't find the thread with the quotes - what's it called? I NEED to put them on my site if they are real O_O

and a funny coincidence - i was flipping back a few entried to find out where that DELICIOUS Pierrot icon is from and I saw you gave someone a link to a big Kagrra gallery - thank's so much!!! LOL I've been looking for one all day *_*

:dies: Am I allowed to say that you're awesome? o __ o

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~snorts~ That was amusing. Very much so.

I might say, I added you to my friends list. Found you through fictionpress.com, read your profile there and here, and found you interesting. Rejoice?


That was ever so amusing! It's nice to know artists opinions on such matters ^__^;

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