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So many bishounen, so little time -_- So start licking! NOW!

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Site Remodelling...
Miyavi - Trapped in the Quicksand of my
I changed the layout for my fanfiction site today. lelola scanned a Get Backers calendar, there was a beautiful Juubei x Kazuki pic there where Kazuki's all snuggled up in Juubei's arms, wearing this pinkish robe thing. They look as if the two of them have just rolled out of bed... I love this pic! So of course I had to use it...

I'm trying to fill up the links section, so if anyone here has got a site that I can link to, Jrock or anime fanfics related or whatever, just give me the url and a brief site description.

I've finished with my one final exam!!! I did pretty well, I think. NOW I AM FREE! So happy...^-^

On the twenty third my family will be leaving for Las Vegas, so I won't be updating my LJ as frequently for about ten days or so. We're going to be going to Disneyland! Lol. Very exciting, since it's going to be my first time. *bounce* Yes, I am still a child at heart!

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I LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT!! Such a pretty picture! You can't go wrong with that picture! *sighs* makes me wanna go and read some sappy juubeixkadsuki sappy fic XD I should probably finish watching the series, or at least until that other "love interest" comes in. ^_^

Have fun in Disneyland! I haven't been there in ages! Good memories though. Really cold at night during the winter! >_

eek. Vegas. <3 take pictures.

You have such a pretty layout for your site! *envies* And if you don't mind, (shameless pimping) you can link to my site [black and white]. URL: http://geocities.com/sakuranokaerizaki

:D VEGAS! Yay! Been there once, long ago. Don't remember much about it and Disnelyand except the scary dolls singing "It's A Small World After All." Congrats with the end of your exams and hope you have fun in Vegas!

im glad your exams are over ^o^

Disney Land!! <3
lucky you!

xD that's a lovely image you used. And the layout is gorgeous!

New layout is gorgeous. Wanna link me?


Fanfiction of Slam Dunk, Hikaru no Go, Prince of Tennis and other assorted anime.

...Which reminds me that I should link you, too. >.>

Oh, and have fun in Vegas.

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