Kazuki - My Fandom's Girly Boy is Pretti


Don't Lick the Eyecandy

So many bishounen, so little time -_- So start licking! NOW!

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Yomi - Got Something Up Your Ass?
Created a new Totchi layout that refuses to cooperate...The Subject line and everything is showing up, the entries aren't, and whatever I do, I can't change the font. This has never happened before...I know I've placed the %% event %% tag in there damn it all... Anyway, I don't really like this layout too much, but it still annoys me that I can't get it working because I'm weird that way.

Totchi looks really hot, and so much like Izumi from Kagrra, that it's amazing...

The Bass Playing God

The Prettiest Drummer in the Whole, Wide World

Their features are quite similar, IMO.


Totchi...why are you doing this to me??

Have found a fortune cookie gem, perfect for Mizuki for use in this week's temps_mort challenge. 'The First and Last Love is Self Love'. I can totally picture Mizuki saying this to Yuuta in that overbearing 'Listen to me, dammit, because I know better than you lowly people beneath my high level of intellect, fashion sense and beauty' tone. I'm in the mood for something Mizuki x Yuutaish... Just gotta finish reading this chapter of my Anatomy book first before I do that...Thank GOD, it's the last one!!! *bounces around happily*

Speaking of Prince of Tennis, if you go to http://jpmp3.com/ there are three PoT singles that are up for download. Just scroll down and you'll find them.

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