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[Fic] Providence Chapter Two
Jun - Pretty Blondie
Title: Providence
Part: 2/?
Fandom: Get Backers
Pairing: Ban x Kazuki; MOC/MOC
Summary: After being sent on a job to keep an eye on the former boyfriend of a rock star, Ban and Kazuki discover that there's a lot more going on with Tachibana Junichi than meets the eye.

It's been so long since I've last updated this fic. Bad. Very bad.


Izam was the vocalist of Shazna, and was famous for his incredibly feminine appearance. He would have made such a pretty girl. Their song ‘Melty Love’ is pretty cute. Actually...I'm not sure if Shazna is still together or not because I haven't really been following them.


Chapter Two


The Dark Alley Revisited, Jun’s Friend and Matsuda Shunji

It was only five-thirty in the afternoon, but Ban could already tell that he was going to have a bad night. Something small, loud and blond had attached itself to his arm and refused to be shaken off. As it clung mercilessly onto him, it was talking non-stop, seemingly unaware of the spiky haired man’s unhappiness.

All Ban wanted to do right then was to backhand it across the face, but he couldn’t. Kazuki was watching him closely, and Kazuki had warned him to be nice to Jun, which was easy enough for him to say. /He/ wasn’t the one who had to suffer through the man’s company.

“Do you watch ‘Anata’?” Jun demanded, yanking on the sleeve of Ban’s denim jacket in a bid to gain his wandering attention. “I do! I /love/ that show! It’s the greatest drama on TV, and I think Kenji is the most beautiful man /ever/! He’s so handsome! I /love/ his hair! Actually, you look sort of like him with those shades on and everything. You just need to grow your hair out a bit and maybe dye it a light brown. You’d look good with light brown hair!”

Ban rolled his eyes in exasperation. So far that afternoon, Jun had given him countless of fashion tips that he didn’t ever plan on following and already told him that he looked like some American movie star and that spiky haired guitarist from Glay.

His chattering made Ban want to pierce his eardrums just so that he wouldn’t have to listen to him anymore. With this in mind, Ban looked thoughtfully at a red and white striped straw lying on the bar top. ‘/Will that be strong enough to do that/?’ He wondered. There was nothing else close at hand.

He was beginning to rethink this whole thing. What did he care about Jun and whether or not he was really the only one that deserved to be punished? Tatsumi had only mentioned Jun. He’d said ‘find /Tachibana Junichi/, keep an eye on /Tachibana Junichi/. Not once had he brought up anyone else, so basically, the job that the Niji manager had brought to the Get Backers involved /only/ Jun. He hadn’t said anything about investigating further, so in Ban’s opinion, doing so would be a big waste of their time. They wouldn’t be paid for it anyway.

There were other jobs out there for the Get Backers that needed his expertise. Right at that very moment, Ginji and that monkey from the Infinite Castle were muddling through some mission to get back some stolen company papers. That /had/ to be more fun than this. He wished that he was with them right then.

It was still several hours before the official opening time of the night club. Because of Kazuki’s new, and even sluttier Thursday night uniform, Hevn had ordered Ban to drive him to work /again/, and as soon as he’d pulled up to the employee’s entrance of Providence, Maki had yanked him out of his car and put him to work unloading a truck full of beer cases.

The Providence manager had been desperate. Two of the eight bouncers had come down with the measles after they’d visited a mutual friend of theirs whose kids had been infected with it, and as a result, Providence was going to have to run short handed for a while.

Things got even worse when a delivery of supplies came in unexpectedly early, the unloading of which fell upon the brawny bouncers. A majority of the club’s employees were waifish, androgynous young men who had a hard enough time handling a loaded tray. They weren’t really expected to do any heavy manual labor, they just weren’t built for it. Their job was to look pretty and be visual eye candy for the customers, so they wouldn’t be much help, and in a fit of genius, the desperate Maki had decided that Ban would be the perfect man to fill in for the two that were absent.

Ban had tried telling him that he was too busy for that, but he wouldn’t listen. Maki was a big man, and big men tended to like having their own way in everything.

He really didn’t want to stick around Providence. It wasn’t his place and the people in there disturbed him. All of club’s patrons seemed so absorbed in the hedonistic pursuit of pleasure, which was fine with him. He liked to go all out himself once in a while, because everyone was entitled to some fun. But to be surrounded by all those people giving in to the temptation of sex and booze when he himself had to reign his impulses in because of a job wasn’t his idea of fun.

It was supposed to be a classy hang out for the gay professionals of Tokyo, but it still appeared so seedy to Ban. The workers were shamelessly exploited, their bodies displayed provocatively as though they were just sexual objects and not thinking, feeling human beings, and even though the employees, especially those in close contact with the customers, seemed pleasant and cheerful, if you looked closely enough you could tell that the smiles, the laughter and the playful flirting was all just a show.

Because of that, he’d been very vocal about his protests, but even Kazuki had been against him, and he was supposed to be working with him! He’d taken Ban aside to tell him that it’d actually be a good thing for their job if he was around to watch Junichi too.

“He seems to like you.” The long haired man had said, pushing Ban towards where they’d left Maki waiting for his answer. Ban had noticed this too. He’d made a point of trying to make it very clear that he was /with Kazuki/ to avoid the unwanted attention of others, namely Jun, but that fact didn’t seem to sink in for the blond. “He talks about you all the time. I think you’d get more out of him than even /I/ can.”

Well, he wasn’t getting anything interesting out of Jun right now. Only random commentary on things that you’d expect to hear from a gushing, High School girl.

The two of them sat at the padded stools by the bar as Kazuki absently swabbed the polished wood surface with a dampened cloth. Once in a while he would contribute to the conversation, but he let Jun pretty much lead the topics, and all Ban was getting from it was the latest gossip about some popular soap opera stars and musicians.

He wasn’t interested in that crap. What did he care about which pretty bishounen lead in a popular sitcom was actually sleeping with the bisexual, and /married/ hotshot musical producer who’d once been the lead singer of one of the most popular rock groups in the 80s?

He almost wished that Maki would call him back to work, but the unloading had already been dealt with, and the man had sent him off to rest for a while since there wouldn’t be anything else for him to do until the club patrons made an appearance.

Ban rested his forehead against the surface of the bar, willing Jun to run out of saliva, rupture his vocal cords or something, /anything/ that would stop him talking. This guy beat out even Ginji in the blabbering department, but that was probably because he could shut Ginji up just by hitting him. He couldn’t do that with Jun, because even if he asked him to shut up, he doubted he would, and he’d just get in trouble with the thread spool for being mean to the little darling.

Was he and Kazuki actually /younger/ than this man? Ban had a hard time believing that sometimes. He’d met prepubescent boys more mature than Tachibana Jun, who just droned on and on and on…

“And then last Christmas, he went home with Makoto after a party, which pissed his wife off, and that’s why they got a divorce! Which was too bad, since I thought Naoki was really cute with his wife! I love Naoki. Don’t you? I cried when I watched his latest movie… He died, he got killed when he tried to avenge his lover’s death, and it was /so sad/.”

“Well, Jun-kun,” Kazuki interjected unexpectedly. He’d dropped the cloth somewhere behind the bar and had sidled up to where the two of them sat, resting his elbows on the bar before Jun and leaning in close to the blond so that their faces were only a few inches apart. “You seem to know a lot about these celebrity types.” He commented.

Jun nodded. He took Kazuki’s close proximity as an opportunity to fix his co-worker up and began to push back a few stray locks of Kazuki’s hair. “I like keeping up with the important news!” He explained.

Ban personally didn’t consider the who’s who in illicit celebrity relationships to be /very important news/, as Jun had put it, but his knowledge in the matter made him quite popular with his co-workers. He’d probably been privy to a lot of celebrity secrets when he’d been the significant other of that Aikawa guy.

He’d never closely followed any celebrity careers, mainly because he thought it was shallow to put so much importance on a bunch of rather unremarkable people who’d been elevated to the spotlight because they were aesthetically pleasing and had at least mediocre skills in whatever they did, but even someone as uninterested as he was had heard of Aikawa Tetsuya and Niji. They were everywhere, and he had to admit that the hype surrounding the band was well deserved. They made some pretty impressive music.

Ban had to wonder why Jun was allowed to just sit around, running his mouth when everyone else was working like crazy. He’d just spent an hour and a half lugging crates into a supply room himself, so he knew damn well that he deserved a break, but what had Jun been doing besides hovering alongside Maki making random checks on a clipboard? Maybe the manager was banging Jun. That’d explain a lot of things, like why Jun was given half as much work as the others and was allowed to go home any time he wanted.


The spiky haired man’s eyes wandered over to the brawny manager who was directing a squad of hot pants clad bishounen like the general of a super slutty, well manicured army, out to take over the world with their perkiness, shrill voices singing the chorus to Shazna’s ‘Melty Love’ and glaringly hot pink outfits. Could he be involved in this whole Aikawa matter somehow?

They’d gotten Paul to run a background check on him, though, and he’d come out clean. He had no connections to Aikawa, and there was nothing that indicated that he might have been involved with Jun in any way at all before his employment at Providence.

The same thing went for the other club employees. None of them ran in the same circles as Jun had in his glory days. Maybe the guy was actually much smarter than he appeared to be and had gone through with everything on his own. Who knew? Maybe the airheadedness was just an act? Then again, if he did possess some semblance of intelligence, wouldn't he have gotten himself as far away from Tokyo as possible by then? It was the logical thing for him to do after all, but Jun wasn’t what one would really consider a logical person...

Kazuki pulled away from Jun so that the man wouldn’t be distracted by his hair. For some reason, Jun appeared to love playing with Kazuki’s hair every chance he got. “Ne, Jun-kun. Do you like music?” he asked him, gently batting away the blond’s hand as he reached out for him.

Ban though Kazuki was doing a remarkably good job of pretending to be one of the many airheads flitting around Providence, shaking their PVC clad 'booty', as one of the beefy American import bouncers had put it. Ban sat up, watching Kazuki watching Jun.

He smirked as Kazuki began braiding Jun’s bangs. Within all pretty boys must lie the innate ability to appear endearingly stupid, he mused. Just an hour ago he’d watched Kazuki get very involved in a conversation about what kind of lip balm was best at preventing chapping at winter time (Body Shop's Strawberry Kiwi something or the other eventually winning out).

The guy was doing a good job. He deserved every single Yen that he was going to earn for this assignment, so Ban didn’t feel quite as bitter about having to split the money with him as he did in the beginning. He didn’t know how well he’d handle being groped every ten seconds.

In response to Kazuki’s question, Jun nodded enthusiastically and began spouting off names of the bands that he liked. Most that he mentioned were visual acts but Niji, the most prominent of all, was notably missing from the list. His hand had wormed through Ban’s arm and he was snuggled up very close to him. Ban’s nose began to itch, but he couldn't extricate himself from Jun's grip to scratch at the problem area. He sneezed but no one took any notice of him. Jun was busy extolling the virtues of Izam, his idol, the poster...boy... of androgyny and feminine beauty.

Kazuki did a very passable fangirlish squeal at the mention of Izam’s name. If he only had a video camera to record this right now. Ban would probably have ammunition to keep thread boy his willing slave for the rest of his life. He wouldn’t want /this/ to get out. The airhead act was coming way too easily to him, in Ban’s opinion. Maybe Kazuki was really a closet Izam fan. That'd explain a lot of things, like his excessive femininity for one.

"You know who I like? I like Niji. I think Kiyoshi Yasuo’s hot!" At the mention of that name, Jun wriggled away from Ban, his face undergoing a subtle change that the very relieved Ban missed, but which Kazuki didn't.

His smile remained firmly in place, but his eyes seemed suddenly wary. He examined Kazuki very closely, assessing him carefully as though meeting him for the very first time before actually answering. "Of course I've heard of him. He's a great singer."

"Is he your favorite in Niji too?"

"Yes." There wasn't the slightest bit of hesitation. Ban hadn't immediately recognized the name Kiyoshi, and had thought that Kazuki had just been bringing up another rock star. He hadn't been interested until 'Niji', the band of Jun's former boyfriend, had been brought up. He frowned. What was Kazuki doing? He should be steering clear of that topic. They didn't want to alert Jun to the fact that someone might be on to him.

As if the subtle interrogation had been the cue for him to get to work, Jun jumped off the padded bar stool, waving goodbye to the two before bounding off to pounce on a cute redhead in the middle of a heated discussion with Maki over how the paper napkins were supposed to be folded with the logo in view.

"What was that all about?" Ban turned on Kazuki the moment the blond was out of earshot. He was pissed. Thread spool had been giving him lectures all day about how he should tread carefully so that he wouldn’t affect their assignment negatively, and now here he was, purposely bringing up Niji to incite some sort of reaction from Jun! So it was all right for him to do the things that he’d warned Ban against, but it wasn’t okay for /him/? Hypocrite.

Kazuki shrugged, unaffected by the evil glare being sent his way. "I wanted to see how he'd react if one of his old friends was brought up," he explained.

"Well don't do it again." Ban snapped, slamming his balled up fist down onto the bar. "Do you want him to think that something's up? You’ve probably scared the shit out of him now."

"As far as he was concerned it was just a question. Kiyoshi's a famous man, plenty of people in Japan have heard of him and Niji. In fact, I’d be surprised if anyone here doesn’t know who those guys are." Kazuki pointed out. “He hasn’t been scared off by one little question!” Ban was overreacting. He had a tendency to do that.

The spiky haired retrieval agent only calmed down once it become evident that Kazuki was right about that. Jun had apparently already put their conversation out of his mind and was belting out a lively rendition of 'Barairo no Sekai' with a couple of his friends. From the sound of his voice, he appeared to be enclosed in the back supply room, but his singing still rang out loud and clear to the tired Ban.


Everything about Ban screamed 'Do not Approach', from the set of his jaw, to the way that he was basically crushing the filter of his cigarette between his two fingers. Little spurts of smoke burst out of his mouth and nose, reminding Kazuki of angry anime dragons in Saturday morning children's shows.

"Hey," he called out to the spiky haired man, thinking that he better give Ban some warning before he got any closer to him. He didn't want to be grabbed in a choke hold. That would just about be the perfect ending to a perfectly crappy day.

"I'm not doing this again tomorrow," Ban declared as Kazuki joined him, the slightest edge of desperation tingeing this tone of voice. He tapped off the excess ash on the tip of his cigarette.

Kazuki didn’t say anything in reply to this, even though they both knew that he was. Hevn would insist, once she found out about this 'great opportunity'. Kazuki figured that he’d let Ban think whatever he wanted to, if it'd help him get through the rest of the night. They still had a few hours to go, and Ban needed to get through that.

He had noticed his ‘boyfriend’ stealing out of Providence through a side exit that led out into an alley. When he didn't reappear in thirty minutes, Kazuki had decided to check up on him to make sure that he hadn't run off on him or something. He’d been pretty certain that Ban had, and had been surprised to see him just smoking there.

There was a small heap of spent cigarette butts on the ground by the man’s boots. Ban had been smoking a lot, and Kazuki guessed that that made him edgy, because he couldn’t seem to stop shifting his weight from foot to foot as he spoke. "This was supposed to be a simple surveillance job..." he sighed.

Kazuki nodded. "Yes. It was." He wondered what Ban was getting at.

"Why couldn't we just leave it at that?"

It took a while for Kazuki to answer. He wasted a few seconds trying to find an answer that would satisfy Ban, but once he realized that nothing he said would ever make Ban feel better about what he was being forced to do, he said the first thing that came to mind; "Because I sort of like Jun, I don't think he's capable of the things that Tatsumi claims he did, and part of our job as Get Backers is to find out the truth, isn't it?"

There was a thoughtful silence between them until Ban spoke; "Technically, thread spool, /truth/ isn't a part of Get Backing. Get Backing just involves...getting back stuff."

Kazuki shrugged. "Let's make an exception for Jun-kun just this once," he suggested.

Ban's eyes narrowed suspiciously. Uh oh… Had the unthinkable just occurred? "You're not falling for this Jun guy or something, are you? Because I didn't think he was your type. He's cute and all, and sure you have a thing for the really weird guys but he's as annoying as hell."

"I feel sorry for him." Kazuki corrected him. He was surprised that Ban would even /think/ such a thing. “Besides, I’m supposed to be yours, aren’t I?”

"Don’t remind me. And you shouldn’t feel sorry for him! The guy has thirty million yen that he didn’t even have to work for!" In Ban’s opinion, it would be a waste of time to feel sorry for someone that was that loaded. Money had a way of making people’s lives easier, which made him wonder why Jun was still working at a place like Providence when he supposedly had a big stash somewhere.

In Ban’s experience, it was never a good thing to have doubts about the alleged ‘bad guy’s’ character. It meant that Kazuki was getting to him with his ‘don’t be so willing to think that Jun is guilty when we don’t even know him that well yet’ crap.

Mr. Don’t Think The Worst of Someone Until You’ve Gotten Some Sort of Proof raised one perfect eyebrow. "But where is he keeping it?" he asked him. His hands pulled at the ends of his outfit, trying the pull the hem down a bit lower.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I had Paul pull up his bank records. Nothing. His balance comes nowhere near thirty million, and there hasn't been any big transactions in his account. Thirty million yen in cash would be an awful lot to hide away somewhere..."

That bit of info didn't concern Ban too much. At this day and age of electronic banking, there were plenty of ways to hide money, and he began ticking them off, "He's using an account under an assumed name, or some other guy involved is keeping the cash..."

"Which is why we need to find out who this mysterious ‘other guy is’," Kazuki interjected quickly, having seen the perfect opportunity to drive in his point. "If we get back the money for them, don't you think Aikawa would be grateful enough to give us some sort of reward?" He was grasping straws here, and when all else failed, you could always count on Ban's love for money to help him see things more clearly.

Ban’s eyes lit up with renewed interest, as Kazuki had hoped they would. He smiled inwardly to himself. He’d known that it would work. “I suppose that we might as well…” Ban conceded grudgingly. “Since we’re already here and everything…”

"How are you holding up?" Kazuki asked his companion, stepping in closer so that he could take a better look at Ban's face. There was very little light coming through from the street lamp located at the mouth of the alley, but Kazuki could still make out Ban's split lip. A battle scar from when a particularly insistent customer had tried to snatch off one of the server's shorts and Ban had leapt in to the rescue.

"I never knew there were so many gay, horny men in Tokyo." Ban grumbled, tenderly exploring the injured area with his fingertips. Who the hell had gotten the bright idea to stick a posse of attractive bishounen in a place where seven out of ten customers were complete perverts? Sure, beautiful, scantily clad people were a proven good marketing tactic, but did anyone stop to think about the ones who had to /protect/ these walking, talking targets for abuse? Like the guy who'd been made into an impromptu bouncer, for instance.

"Just enjoy being able to observe the dark side of human nature," Kazuki advised him with a little shrug. They’d been through worse, so Ban should be able to handle this.

"I already get too much of that, thread spool." Ban muttered, a wry half smile on his lips. He threw his cigarette butt down onto the dirt and stamped it out with the heel of his boot before squatting down beside a pile of crates containing empty beer bottles.

It wasn’t the cleanest of places to hang out. It was dark for one, the ground was littered with garbage and there was a dumpster only a few paces away from them, but it was a lot quieter out here than it was inside, so Kazuki had no complaints. As far as he was concerned, that was a big plus that ruled out all of the disadvantages. He leaned against a cold brick wall, looking up into the night sky. The lights of Tokyo completely overpowered the stars, and Kazuki could make out nothing.

He was chilly. His tiny uniform left more flesh exposed than covered. He wrapped his arms around himself to keep warm, and seeing this, Ban let out a disgruntled sound, shed his coat and threw it up at Kazuki, who caught it gratefully and wrapped it around his shoulders.


“Don’t mention it,” Ban told him flippantly, “I can’t let you get sick. Who knows? Maybe Maki will get the bright idea to have me waiting tables for you in your place.”

Kazuki laughed, picturing Ban in one of the Providence worker’s uniforms. He was about to suggest that they go back inside for work when the back exit to the club was thrown open, allowing a burst of obnoxious dance music and bright light to spill over into the quiet of the alley.

“How have you been?” The voice was unfamiliar. From where the two men were lounging, they had a perfect view of the door from where the newcomers had just come from.

One of them was a rather tall man dressed in a grungy, baggy red sweat suit. His long hair was gathered in a loose ponytail, streaming half way down his back in a black cascade, the last two inches of its length were dyed a bright scarlet that reminded Kazuki of the color of McDonald’s French fry boxes.

The man bent over and pressed a kiss against his companion’s cheek. Kazuki didn’t think too much of this. It was probably just one of the club workers taking a break to be with his boyfriend.

“I’m so tired!”

Ban’s ears perked up at the sound of the slightly whiny voice. Jun! He carefully drew himself up into a standing position, trusting that the relative darkness would keep him from being discovered. He glanced at Kazuki, wondering if he’d also recognized the second voice, and a barely imperceptible nod indicated that he had.

You couldn’t really see Jun’s face, or his companion’s either, for that matter. For some reason, Jun’s friend was wearing a big pair of designer shades that concealed the upper half of his face pretty well, even though it was already hard to make anything out.

“By the time I get home, I can barely move…” Jun went on.

“I asked Maki to take it easy on you.” His friend told him in that slightly defensive ‘hey, don’t blame me for that’ tone of voice.

“He /is/ taking it easy on me,” Jun hurriedly reassured him. They remained standing by the doorway. The blond nudged the door closed, this slight movement bringing him into better view.

He was smiling up at his friend, looking genuinely cheerful and glad to see him, his arm looped around the man’s waist in a companionable manner that led Ban to believe that these two had known each other for quite a long time. “But I’ve been Tet-chan’s ‘assistant’ for years, and the most work that I’ve had to do for him is get him another bottle of beer from the fridge…”

There was a loud, scornful snort. “Oh, come on. You weren’t just his assistant. I heard that Tetsuya was pretty energetic in bed.”

Jun let out an outraged gasp and punched the laughing man hard on the arm. “/Stop being such a bastard, Heihachi/!”

“I’m sorry, all right? Sorry! /Stop punching me, you little shit/!” Heihachi commanded. He playfully pinned the much smaller man against a wall until Jun had declared defeat and calmed down.

Several minutes were spent exchanging unimportant bits of information that wasn’t very interesting to the two that were eavesdropping. How was Hachi’s doggie? Heihachi had taken him to the vet who’d said that his dog was too fat and needed to lose weight. Had Hachi-kun bought the new guitar that he’d been looking at?

Then there was silence as Heihachi appeared to size Jun up. He brought a hand up to the blond’s face, cupping his chin and examining him closely as though making sure that there’d been no damage done to him. It was a touchingly loving and familiar gesture that made alarm bells go off in Ban’s head. Kazuki had taken hold of his arm and was hanging on tightly, his fingers digging into Ban’s flesh.

“I don’t like seeing you like this, Jun-jun,” Heihachi declared, pulling away suddenly. A frown marred his face. “Why do you have to do this? Talk to Tet-chan. Please? He’ll understand. It’s all just a big, stupid mistake…”

Jun shook his head slowly. He’d intertwined his fingers with Heihachi’s, and from the look on his face, he appeared unwilling to ever let go of the man. “I can’t go to Tetsuya.” He said dejectedly.

Seeing him like that just tore at Kazuki’s heart, and apparently it also did Heihachi’s, who appeared distraught and slightly angered by his refusal. “Look, you idiot. We both know that you had nothing to do with the money. He doesn’t care about that.”

“I know.”

“Then why are you still here? I don’t get you. Are you just trying to be all dramatic? Because this whole thing is pissing me off. Look, Tetsuya’s coming back in about a week, you can talk to him then.” Heihachi told him in an authoritative tone of voice. “Until then, you can stay with me, so you don’t have to work here anymore, okay? Tetsuya will kill me if he finds out that I’ve sent you to work here. So please, just forget all this, be smart and go back to him.”

Ban frowned. He’d assumed that this Heihachi was the accomplice that he and Kazuki had been looking for, but why would an accomplice actually encourage Jun to give himself up?

Things were making less and less sense as he learned more about the situation. They were going to have to check up on this Heihachi person to figure out who he was, which was going to be hard enough, since they didn’t even have his last name.

Jun sighed. His hands toyed restlessly with his shirt. He looked like he was waging some sort of internal battle within himself over this and desperately wanted to give in and take Heihachi’s suggestion. “I can’t, Hachi. There’s more to this than you know…”

“Like what?” Heihachi pressed doggedly.

“Matsuda Shunji.”

Heihachi let out a dismayed little sound. The name had upset him, and judging by the way Kazuki’s grip had tightened around Ban’s arm, he’d placed the name too.

“Everyone’s still upset about him, Jun, and that’s just one more reason for you to get back to where you belong. Shunji was Tetsuya’s /best friend/! How do you think he feels, losing Shunji /and/ his boy friend all within the same month?”

“What happened to Shunji was my fault, Hachi.”

Heihachi shook his head. He raised a hand as though he were about to clamp it over his friend’s mouth for saying that, but allowed it to drop back down by his side. “Stop saying that. It was an accident.” He said firmly, his tone of voice leaving no room for protests.

Jun hesitated. He opened his mouth and appeared as though he really wanted to say something. “You don’t know /everything/ about that night. Heihachi…I…” A pause. Then Jun heaved a tired sigh of resignation. “I think you better go already, all right? I need to get back to work.”

The shades wearing man clucked his tongue in annoyance. “You’re with /me/, idiot. I /own/ that fucking shit hole and you owe me for that job I gave you. Maki won’t give a fuck even if you don’t turn up for the rest of the night. I want to talk to you! I-”

“Stop coming along so often, all right?” Jun commanded, pushing Heihachi towards the mouth of the alley and effectively cutting off his ranting when he stumbled over some rubbish lying on the ground. “It’s nice to see you, but I don’t want people recognizing you and making a fuss. I’ll be all right on my own.”

“But Jun! My car’s parked right at the other side of the building. At least let me go through back there…”

“Oh come on. A little walk will do you good.” Jun watched Heihachi walk away after he’d sworn that he was going to get him back with Tetsuya if it was the last thing that he did, his previous elation at his friend’s appearance gone. He heaved a heavy sigh, before retreating back into the building.

“Who’s Shunji?” Ban demanded, his voice still low, even though the two were no longer there to hear him.

“The singer of the band Lost Eden,” Kazuki replied slowly. He was committing the conversation to memory for closer examination later on. This was getting more and more interesting. “They found him naked in his apartment’s balcony about a month ago. He’d /supposedly/ died of a drug overdose. But after hearing that… I’m beginning to think that there’s more to it than that.”

To Be Continued…

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ooh... gb ficcies... ^_^ i will read this definitely when i'm of more sound mind... on my way to sleep, but i just had to comment on the tachibana junichi... *sniff* do i smell PoT?

I'm incredibly bad with names... I was thinking of Tachibana when I named this OC, but this has nothing to do with PoT. Lol. I just tend to name OCs after favorite people/characters, Like Junichi is the name of my fave guitarist.

lol... maybe i'm the one who's got PoT on the brain... hehe...>_<

The guy looked like he had about as much brains as the Hello Kitty stuffed toy that Hevn had given Natsumi-chan on her birthday

Damn Ban for convincing him that wearing his bells on his hair, as he usually did, would make him look even gayer than he already did. Like he /really/ had to worry about looking /too/ gay in a place like this!

Within all pretty boys must lie the innate ability to appear endearingly stupid

it's lines like these that just make my day.... ^_^ i love how you write.... very explicitly descriptive without being flowery...
the readers get a sense of what's happening and get hooked right away. and your characterization of Ban with his ever-present
sarcasm just slays me... can't wait for chapter 3.

Wait a second. This OC is you, isn't it? Genki and Jrock obsessed... I have discovered the truth. This is really self-insert fic in disguise!

...Or not.

Loved this line: [like the general of a super slutty, well manicured army]. XD

Noticed a few grammatical mistakes: [All of club’s patrons seemed so absorbed the hedonistic pursuit of pleasure], [Was he and Kazuki actually /younger/ than this man?], and there was another one, but I'm beginning to feel semi-incoherent.

Next chapter soon, please.

I'm really loving that pic of Touya in your icon...Look at the little sparkles on his hair...the ruffles. He reminds me of Kozi. Lol. where'd you get it? Fanart or doujinshi?

And no...this isn't a self insert fic in disguise...-_- If I was going to write a self insert, it'd be a proper Jrock fic with the guys from Kagrra and Meev and Sakito... *goes off to daydream*

Got it from a doujin called Igo Tengoku.

OMG another chapter!!!!!!!!! XD Yay!! It's been so long since the last chapter I thought you dropped it!

No Ban/Kadzuki action though :( I hope the next chapter gets lots of action *g* More soon? *hopeful look*

speaking of izam, i once knew this guy who loved izam so much and thought he was a SHE [yes, speaking of idiot]. he bought, listened, watched and read practically every Shazna-related stuff he could find, and blew izam's giant poster in his room warm kisses every night before going to bed. and you should've seen how he looked like when he found out the girl of his dream does own a penis, just like him... he vomitted. and threw away all his shazna stuff at once and was a visual-kei hater eversince.. XDD

XD Oh my god...*snicker* The poor guy. I can understand not knowing if you just had a quick look at him, like my brother who thought he was cute, but a full fledged fan should know...Lol. I would have liked to see the expression on his face when he found out. I should experiment on one of my friends, only tell him after he's developed a huge crush on the guy. He has a thing for Asian women and Nao from Kagrra is just his type...*snicker*

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