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Don't Lick the Eyecandy

So many bishounen, so little time -_- So start licking! NOW!

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Nightmare Icons...
Nao - Peace and Love

Yomi's ass! Isn't it cute! Lol. I wanted to use that pic where he's showing his crotch to everyone, but the pic was too low quality...*shrugs* He likes exposing himself and the other Naito guys, so sooner or later a good pic'll have to pop up somewhere.

I think this is Ruka and Ni~ya. I can't really tell, but I think it's those two. Lol.

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lmao! Those are great. I think the second one is Yomi and Sakito

Lol. I think you're probably right about Yomi, seeing as how he's the pervert and all. I couldn't see their faces properly, and Ruka was drinking something sort of like that, so I assumed that that was him. That doesn't look like Sakito's hair though...

hehe, that's our Yomi (^.^). I'm not too sure about the other person either...

They're so vulgar. XD



Horrible Deg pun not intended. XD;;


Aren't they? Lol. That's part of why I love Nightmare so much.

*squints madly* xD fyuuuu.

who are those people? o.O;;

Guys from the band 'Nightmare'. Good group, you should check them out!

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