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Providence Chapter Three
Kazuki - My Fandom's Girly Boy is Pretti
Title: Providence
Pariring: Ban x Kazuki

Rather boring...more plot development than any action really...but oh well. It's here.

Oh the wonders of the efiction script. It makes it so much easier to archive fics... I have a headache...augh...too cold. And I think I've broken my camera...

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Hi there I_chan... I've found your lj in the most weird way... i was looking for nightmare info and i bumped into your incredibly pretty layout on Gj.
I thought you looked awsome and so I went to your lj info (as I use lj much more than gj).
I must be honest... I'm not a yaoi fan (maybe because I haven't seen any :P) but i too drool over shin, he's my fav jrocker
so what do you think about adding and being added ^^?
Joana from Portugal.

i found your journal..and i think its very pretty.... Yaoi is the best ^.^

WE WANT YOU. maybe.


come. apply. razzle dazzle.

o.o *peeks in* Came here from FF.net (and have come across you through the GB communities and such~) If it's allright, I'd like to add you to my friends list~ For fic-updates it nothing else. (And from where I've seen you post before, I'm gathering that you like to RP? o.o; )

Providence is coming along really well, btw~ Only good Ban/Kazuki fanfic I've found so far. :3

Bonjour, :p I stumbled apon your livejournal while searching for Miyavi on google.com lol. I read alittle of it, and I was wondering, would you mind if I added you? Most of my posts are friends only now so feel free to add me if you like! I thought I'd ask before I added you :)


Unfortunately, you missed the Acceptance List cutting at awesome_layouts.

If you would like to be back in the community, please go to this post and apply again.

If not, please just ignore this message.

Thank you for your time,

try out for [Unknown LJ tag]

*Drools over icon* Hello! I just happend to stumble upon your site... and I loved it. ^_^ Tis yaoi goodness! I'd just thought I'd let you know that I love your fics and that I wanted to friend you. Plus, everything in your LJ userinfo is true. I think so anyways. ^^;;


Whoa.... are they SPAMMING your lj? O_O i_chan ;_; where are you? *pokes* still alive? >


hi, i used that uber-delicious yaoi gif o yours in my xanga http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=airee_zobar is that alright? i don't know if you made it yurself, so i didn't kno if you would get mad if i posted it or nething. if you want me to take it off, thats fine. i just wanted to let you kno that i rlly appreciate how yur helping us yaoi luvers spread the word!! if you wanna email me Ladymoon16@juno.com or AIM da5tinky1! (no exclamation)
Airee Zobar ^^v

i was looking around and found your journal.......clicked.....

*bows to you*

love your icons..............LOVE them....wow....HAHA



I see you have an interest in rating so. . .


...Where are you? O_o

Do you have what it takes to be part of the Divine?

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Hello! My name is Soku and I'm currently one of the archivists for Just One Minute: A Get Backers Yaoi Archive! And, after reading 'Touch' and 'Days of Flowers and Sunshine' I just had to come and see if you'd consider letting us host your fanfiction! Though it's currently a small archive, it's slowly growing. The archive would be honored to host your fanfiction.

Your writing is beautiful and you really have a wonderful feel for the series. The portrayal of Kazuki you have is amazing. He's written so... perfectly IC. Not to mention you have a beautiful style that makes the scenes feel amazingly canon.

Anyway, enough from me! I'm mostly here to invite you to the archive! Recently, in many fandoms, there have been questions about the archiving policies of some groups. The fanfictions Just One Minute archives are all posted with links directing any readers to where they can contact the author, are backed up on Zip and hard-drive, and are not altered in any way. Our policies are the author's policies. A fic archived with us will be removed immediately, without question, the moment an author demands it be. Just One Minute archives on a story-by-story basis. Nothing is archived without permission and no words are edited.

I hope that you'll consider letting us archive your fiction! Sorry to take up so much of your time! Thank you for reading this! Thank you for providing wonderful stories! Stories like 'Touch' and 'Days of Flowers and Sunshine' *make* the fandom what it is. Feel free to check out the archive!

Sorry to bother, ^^; but I was just wondering where could I download this video-clip. @_@

[If this is a video clip, could you please tell me the name of the song? ^^]

hi i_chan! *waves hand*

how are you doing? long time no post. hope you can still read my post here, cuz i wanna tell you abt preggy!tezuka idea you threw in your old post long time ago, i finally made it into fic. it's here. read if you want and tell me what you think.

btw, i finally got my wraeththu novels [yay!]. god, it was so hard to find them! gotta go as far to london and amsterdam. but it worths the effort.


oh, you're the author of providence!

really love your story..

but i can't seem to find the link.. or the site doesn't seem to exist..

hmm.. and oh, who're those in your lj pic? the two guys errr.. making out?

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