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Don't Lick the Eyecandy

So many bishounen, so little time -_- So start licking! NOW!

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Miyavi - Easily Amused
*sigh* good story...but why does everyone have to make Kadsuki gay? it gets kind of old. Still good story. ever think about writing one about Ban and Ginji ^_~


My god...Rofl... I don't even know where to begin... A certain official picture where Kazuki was drawn in bikini bottoms comes to mind... then the episode where he was in that Nurse's outfit...The damned hot springs episode and the come hither look that he gives Juubei every time the poor man is around him! (all right...that may be just a figment of a crazed yaoi lover's imagination...).

That review amused me because it shows that some people out there still think that Kazuki is somewhat heterosexual... *snicker*

I didn't think that was possible.

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Don't forget Kadsu in the evening gown and Jubei in the tuxedo. ^_^ And the complete and utter love/jealous Toshiki has to be thrown in with it all.

And randomly, it amuses me that Kadsuki isn't voiced by a woman. *adores Hoshi*

I actually haven't gotten to those parts yet. Last GB I watched was Episode 43. What episode is the one with Kazu in the dress? And I've heard of Toshiki, but never seen him yet. Or is what you're talking about only in the manga? *wants to see Juubei's competition*

It's an Animedia picture actually. kinneas's post in the gb comm is here with the image link. It's not in the episodes.

If you're that high up, you'll see Toshiki soon.

You do know that now GB seiyuu's will creep into your PoT associations and you'll be doomed, right? *nuzzles Tennis!Kadsu*

hmmm maybe Kadsuki is kind of like Shazna? Likes to cross dress but claims to be straight? ^^;; But then again there are one or two official pics of Kadsuki and Juubei practically in a lovers embrace. XD

Yes! Like the ones in the opening and closing of GB! *loves your Eiji icon*

A certain official picture where Kazuki was drawn in bikini bottoms



He's always put with the girls, this poor guy -_-. Even in that weird ending scene where they're dancing and they're talking like the Canadians in South Park...

And just because this pic amused me...


I have a really hard time picture the GB guys as straight because of these...Lol.

For the first pic... *____________* My mind is boggling. Kazuki is prettier than the girls, not to mention that he appears to have breasts and no dick. *squints*

For the second pic... *___________* My mind is boggling. I've seen it before, but only in icon size. Gah.

Your Mizu icon is right. No such thing as too much ghei...especially when it comes to GB ^-^

...And I repeat: Kazuki has breasts.

*boggle boggle*

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